Links in the banner


I’ve created the content/functionality of my first website and now am trying to actually make it look good. :slight_smile:

My first (of probably many!0 questions, is “How can I put a logout link to be superimposed on my banner in the top right hand corner?” (I have a banner set up <div id=“banner”>)

Thanks for helping me with this very basic question!


Well, assuming your banner is a div with a background image just put the anchor in the div and by default it will show in the left hand corner and over the image.

Thanks for the response!
I didn’t think of using the image as a “backgroung” image: More “innocent” questions to follow! :slight_smile:

Your welcome. No it won’t. You’d have to make the banner position relative and the anchor position absolute with top/left value.

Got it…thanks again!