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I am considering putting together a link wheel, (understand that they are easily detectable, hence why I am leaving it open…)

Any tips on whether or not to blast the 2.0 sites which ill use with links? Or just stick to quality link building to these sites?

If you already know it’s a bad idea, why are you even thinking about doing it? (: Of course you should stick to quality link building.

I suggest you read Google’s guidelines on link schemes before you go any further:

have you ever heard about tiered link building ? If you have heard then you would probably leave link wheel strategy.

Link Wheels have already been shut down by Google in its updates for the past years. And having this kind of link building idea would surely ruin your whole campaign. There are legit ways on how you can gain search presence and I suggest you opt into it.

Earning links through quality contents
Building up relationships with other webmasters within your niche
Optimize social media channels for your site.

Those are some of the most legit ways. At some point, you should forget stuffing keywords when you are writing contents. People love to read articles with extremely compelled title and context.

Link wheels were great back in 2008. Now they are a waste of time. Just forget about the link wheel method. Link building techniques are a better way to go, but then again, you need to build links in quality website.

if you think link wheels are a waste of time then you’re doing them wrong. Break the chain in several places so it’s not obvious. Put in other industry relevant links that are noncompetitive to create a natural look. Wireframe diagram the whole thing out in advance and decrease the flow of link equity to your site by 50% or more ( a link will that lasts is worth 10x of one that passes a ton of juice and gets shut down in three months)

The end result should resemble something like a shattered pyramid. my link wheels continue to work for me because I build them to be as difficult to place a footprint on as I possibly can.

Thanks for the resource. But still I would like to ask, how people are still getting success through schemed links like link wheel or link pyramid? Though I myself is not a big fan of all these. :slight_smile:

Treat your web 2.0 as your money site and keep adding value to that. In long term these kind of things will be gold mine for you.

Yes this consume time but my friend if you are running your business with long term planning than you need to give value to
your web 2.0.

I think these are your Tier I link building ?

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