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I use a template with simplified supersized but there have not link to the current image. I found how to pass the link but it’s doesn’t effective. I think that it’s because the function doesn’t exist in javascript and i’m very bad in js…
my objective : when the link is given, display an econ on center image on mouveover and when o click go to link without change window.
you can see the module turn :

I think that the modif is here but I don’t know to do in javascript :

            var imgPrev = jQuery('<img src="'+base.options.slides[loadPrev].image+'"/>');

            imgPrev.appendTo(base.el).wrap('<a class="image-loading" ' + imageLink + linkTarget + '></a>');



                jQuery(this).data('origWidth', jQuery(this).width()).data('origHeight', jQuery(this).height());

                base.resizeNow();    // Resize background image

            });    // End Load

        } else {

            // Slideshow turned off if there is only one slide

            base.options.slideshow = 0;



        // Set current image

        imageLink = (api.getField('url')) ? "href='" + api.getField('url') + "'" : "";

        var img = jQuery('<img src="'+api.getField('image')+'"/>');

        img.appendTo(base.el).wrap('<a class="image-loading activeslide" ' + imageLink + linkTarget + '></a>').css('visibility','hidden');



            base.resizeNow();    // Resize background image


            if( typeof theme != 'undefined' && typeof theme._init == "function" ) theme._init();    // Load Theme


I think it is precisely because the slideshow is placed in the background of the body so that it fills the screen that links the images can not be active … is that correct?
therefore a viable solution would be:
If url is entered display the econ (an image for example) to the rollover image (slider current) and when you click on the Ecône follows the link
except I do not know how …

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