Link not clickable in Firefox or Opera

I am developing a site here:

I have a problem in Firefox and Opera where the Checkout button in the Basket menu item isn’t clickable. The button looks like it’s been clicked, but the simple action of going to basket.php doesn’t happen.

To test this, go to the site, add some books to the basket and then hover over the Basket. The basket contents will scroll down with the Checkout link at the bottom.

This works perfectly in all other browsers I have tried.

Any ideas? Thank you.


You have a link inside a button which is not allowed and therefore Firefox ignores it.

In html5 you can wrap the anchor around the button but and it should work ok.

  <a href="">

However as you really want a link anyway why not just use the anchor alone?


<a class="pull-right btn btn-success" href="basket.php">Checkout<span class="icon-white icon-chevron-right"></span></a>

You may have to teak the margins a little.

Brilliant. Thank you Paul - I would have been tearing my hair out for ages over that. Much appreciated.