Link: need centered, display:block & saran wrapped

from mockup:

how can I make this link display:block, centered, and saran-wrapped? (don’t want to have to give it a width…)

if I make display:block it autom. takes up wicth of containing element

display:inline-block works, but what about IE 7 & 8?

thank you…

PS: actually inline-block doesn’t work (it won’t center with margin: 0 auto; )

actually, I just realized I don’t need to do display:block…


I thought any time you needed to set padding for link you had to give make display:block…

so sorry, disregard…

Probably better to set it to some kind of block display, though. You could set it to display: inline-block and then add text-align:centre to the parent, or set it to display: table.

Here all all your options. You have quite a few.

as mentioned previously, I found that giving it padding works very well for making it look like a block (box), but what if need two of them, stacked, (one on top of the other)??? i.e.,

I can’t give them display:block (as then they would take with of containing element), but need margins…;-o

this doesn’t work… margin:0 auto 50px auto;

(obviously inline-block won’t work here either… man, is there a solution here, without giving them a width?
don’t see a solution here other than applying <br><br> betw buttons…:wink:

thank you

(and thank you for posting link for the diff navs, this is very useful for nav situations, but I don’t think it applies to my one-button problem…:wink:


Will you PLEASE post some code so we can understand the problems you have and suggest a workable solution and maybe some useful explanation about how and why it works?