Link does not work in IE8. Can someone look at it?

I am designing a website. It works on all browsers, safari, firefox…etc…but not in IE8…


<script type=“text/javascript”>
function MM_setTextOfLayer(objId,x,newText) { //v9.0
with (document) if (getElementById && ((obj=getElementById(objId))!=null))
with (obj) innerHTML = unescape(newText);

Page site is at

site is not finished. If you click on the PRINT link to the left, it should target the center of the page under the word “THE WORK”…it works fine in firefox and safari.

can someone help with this problem?


Even when you “click on the PRINT link to the left” ?

From what I’m seeing, the innerHTML property is not allowed to be set on table elements.
See this support article from Microsoft: Error Setting table.innerHTML in Internet Explorer

So this is working on IE8? It’s not working on my end?

Someone else confirm?

No error occurs when the page loads. The error occurs when you click on the Print link, as you stated in the original post.

Either include the table tag in the content being written and write the whole table out, or only use innerHTML within a td element itself.