Link background color

Hello everybody

I have a table populated from a database which contains text and numeric data.

I have the alternate row background colour different.

Upon hover, the row background colour changes to be the same for all rows.

I have a number of links which look fine until I hover over them. I would like the background of the link to change to the hover background colour.

Does anybody know how I would do this?



and would like the bac

Are you aware/Have you used the CSS selector a:hover in your style sheet.

a {
   background-color: transparent;

a:hover {
   background-color: white;
tr:hover a {
  color: red;


(doesn’t work in IE6 and below, but that can be fixed with whatever:hover)

What CSS have you got so far for the links and table rows?

an interesting problem you have here as it’s an alternating coloured table, hence you need to find a link colour that will work well for both alternates.


I have fixed it with this but I need to see what it does in IE5 and earlier versions.

tr:hover td, tr:hover td a{
background-color: #FF9999;
color: black;


It doesn’t work, like I said at the end of post #3 of this thread.