Linear-gradients blurring in webkit with large background-size shows the effect I’m trying to achieve in mozilla and webkit.

I have a problem though that when there’s a large enough background-size the gradients become all blurry and it breaks the effect.

Is this a bug in the way webkit is rendering?

You can achieve a lot of great effects using the color stops and repeating linear gradients

In Safari and the webkit nightlies the blurring doesn’t occur. It’s just Chrome.

So how/when does a CSS change make it’s way from webkit into Chrome?

Hi Mark,

Looks like a bug to me but I gave up playing with those linear gradients a while back (as mentioned in another thread). I just found the perfomance hit outweigh the advantages (although Firefox is getting better it still appears sluggish (but that is an extreme example for fun only)).

There seem to be quite a few problems with gradients in chrome and some mention pixel blurring.