Linear gradient opposite direction

The colors are going to the right on here, can you also have colors going to the left?

<svg width="260" height="200" style="position: absolute; border: 3px solid#0059dd;background-color:black;width: 266px; height: 200px;">

    <svg width="260" height="200">
        <linearGradient id="MyGradient">
          <stop offset="0%" stop-color="red" />
          <stop offset="33%" stop-color="transparent" />
          <stop offset="33%" stop-color="#0059dd" />
          <stop offset="34.2%" stop-color="#0059dd" />
          <stop offset="34.2%" stop-color="red" />
          <stop offset="68%" stop-color="transparent" />
          <stop offset="68%" stop-color="#0059dd" />
          <stop offset="69.2%" stop-color="#0059dd" />
          <stop offset="69.2%" stop-color="red" />
          <stop offset="102%" stop-color="transparent" />

      <rect fill="url(#MyGradient)" x="0" y="0" width="260" height="200" />


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