Line Break after a div container finishes

<div class="linebreak">
                    Some code Here.            

I want that as soon as the div closes/finishes there should be a two line break. the novice way of doing is that I should put →`


Is there a better way or a pro way of accomplishing this?

Use margins or padding to create space, rather than <br> tags.

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Oh yes the margin-bottom should work.

You can do it with some css. Example:

.linebreak {margin-bottom:50px;}


.linebreak {padding-bottom:50px;}

That’s it!

PS: If you put the “linebreak” class into an inline element (e.g a span) you need to add “display:block” into your code.


.linebreak {padding-bottom:50px; display:block;}

If you don’t know what an inline element is, check this:


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