LIMIT using MS Jet SQL for Access 2000

I’m familiar with how you do most database stuff within MySQL, however I’m running into some problems as I try to take that SQL knowledge over to MS Jet SQL for Access 2000.

If I were to write the query under MySQL it would be
“SELECT * FROM Anim LIMIT 0, 30”

But if I were to send that query to an Access database, I get an error. Does Jet SQL not have a Limit command? If not, is there some other way to get the same functionality?


that’s right, jet sql is not the same as mysql sql

surprised? :slight_smile:

select top 30 * from [Anim] order by foo

note that neither LIMIT nor TOP makes sense without an ORDER BY, since the order of rows within a table is not defined

Actually I am a little surprised given that I understood that MySQL was just SQL with a bit of handy admin stuff stuck on top… but anyways…

What about if I want to select 30 records starting at record 60?
MySQL code: “SELECT * FROM Anim LIMIT 60, 30”

that’s actually a lot harder than you might think