LIKE with boolean

A few months ago I posted in order to discover how to get past the character limit in mysql match searching while still tracking relevance.

The solution was to use LIKE via the method described here:

My new requirement is to make boolean operators effective, e.g. “+php -mysql” = must contain “php”, must not contain “mysql”.

This appears to be for MySQL match searches only?


yes, that’s right

i mean, i could do it with LIKEs (looking to count 0 instances of the minus keyword) but at what point is it worth it to reinvent fulltext functionality?

oh, there is the minor detail that fulltext indexes only work on myisam tables, but this is often a good opportunity to use a one-to-zero-or-one relationship, where the main table is innodb and the secondary table is myisam with two columns, the PK and the TEXT column