Lightweight Multi-site CMS

Hey all.

I am looking for a really lightweight CMS that I can install on my own domain which can manage multiple other websites, via FTP (for my clients). Meaning that my clients can log into the system and be able to edit various sections/snippets of their website through an easily to use WYSIWYG/M editor. Basically something like Perch/CushyCMS/PageLime but to be able to manage muliple sites in one place. I hope you get my meaning? - Something like Orbis but for multiple websites?

Preferably want something free and open source, and rebrandable would be nice but not required. It has to be really lightweight to be able to easily sit on top of a normal small HTML/PHP website.


What do you mean by manage by FTP? I would have thought that they would manage the site via an administration panel of some sort or am I missing something?

Anyway, let us know what you come up with…

I work for a company that does just that.
However i have in the past struggled to find a similar open source solution.
I would be interested to see what you come across.