Lighting effects

what are the best lighting effects under a fluorescent light? what kind of setting is used in a DSLR i’m using canon eos 1100D.

I’m not exactly understanding what you are looking for. One setting you would want to use on your DSLR is to set the White Balance to Fluorescent - just remember to change it when you are under a different light source - or shoot in RAW so you can change it after the fact in the software Canon supplies, Adobe Camera RAW, etc. You could also set it to Auto, which generally does a good job.

Fluorescent overhead lighting is pretty harsh. The best effect is to turn it off and use a strobe or find some other place with better lighting conditions.


Flo’s have a green spike in the spectrum and they don’t represent every color (low CRI) which leads to pasty skin tones.
If the location and budget allow, buy kino flo true match bulbs and swap them out in the fixture. Either at 3200 kelvin or 5600 kelvin.
They’re not cheap though. You’ll see them on amazon.

Hi! I think the best lightning effects that you will use under a fluorescent light is Auto White Balance.

i think your should set your camera on auto-shot. It will automatically change for each different scene.

As long as your know your camera settings inside and out, you can get the best pictures quailty under any light. I would by a book that helps your master your camera.

Don’t forget to keep the ISO relatively low to maintain the image quality though. Too many people go up in ISO and comprimise the image quality to shoot in darker lighting.

set your white balance into fluorescent. shot with a 24 or 35mm 1.8 to have awesome bokeh :slight_smile:

I second the advice to shoot RAW, especially under difficult lighting conditions. One of the biggest advantages to shooting RAW in my opinion is the ability to edit the color balance on your computer. It has made all of my artificial-light photos so much better.