Lightbox plus

I got a wordpress plugin lightbox plus that isn’t working on my website and i am not sure why. i disabled all other plugins but that didn’t resolve anything. any suggestions as to how to find out what is causing the issue?

What is or isn’t happening?
Can you post a link where we can see the problem?

When you press on any of the features such as “scale communications” there is no inline lightbox that shows up. Here is the link:

Your problem is in the file “custom.js” with the following lines:

$("#navigation > ul").muffingroup_menu({...});
$("#megamenu > ul").muffingroup_menu({...});

This results in the error:

Uncaught TypeError: Object [object Object] has no method 'muffingroup_menu' 

Maybe you forgot to include a dependency?
Anyway, if you remove these lines, then things should work as expected.

Also, you’re getting a 404 for the following file:

thanks! it is working now.

besides removing them anything else can be done?

Glad to hear it!

I don’t quite know what you mean by this.
I just had a look at your site and it seems that you are currently working on it (lots of things broken).
Nonetheless, if I can help you with anything else related to this topic, just post back here.

I don’t think those lines were the issue. While Lightbox Plus works after they are removed, Lightbox Plus works with that theme being used on a clean install. I can post a link if you’d like?

Yeah, go on then.

if you go on there and click on “Hello World” you will see a link “Scale Communications” if you click on that you will see that Lightbox Plus works.

That’s cool that Lightbox Plus works, but that’s what you want it do do, right?
Or did I miss something and there is still an problem with the page?

that is correct but this is the same theme.

I’m sorry, I’m probably just being stupid, but I don’t get your point.
Are you wondering why this page works and on the other one you had to comment out some code?