Lightbox Is Not Working On Blogger Website - Need Help Finding The Conflicting Script

Hello experts,

I am running two websites hosted on Blogger and as you must be knowing, Blogger offers a Lighbox feature wherein the images, when clicked, are displayed in an overlay.

Initially when i started the website, the lightbox feature was working but a few weeks back the Lightbox feature stopped working and it was a problem at Google’s end. During the same time i made some theme-specific changes to the template by modifying the layout and colors and everything.

Now the problem is that the Lightbox feature has been fixed by Google recently, but it is not working on any of my websites. I consulted some of my friend bloggers and they suggested that i should remove the conflicting Javascripts.

I really want to know/find the issue as the feature is necessary for my website. I have tried re-uploading the template but it is not working on both of my websites, but if i return the template to stock state the feature starts working.

Is there any way to rectify the problem? Or find the issue?

Thank you in advance.

My websites: Link 1, [URL=“”]Link 2

Where are we actually meant to be seeing lightbox activity? Any particular images or galleries?

Thanks for the quick reply Ralph. Actually when we click on the image, assuming the lightbox feature is enabled, the image enlarges on the very same screen and a black tint covers the rest of the screen. In simple terms, the picture is not displayed in a separate browser tab or window, it just covers the whole page with a black background and the picture you clicked on, in the middle.
Please take a look at the screenshot below:

Ralph, as you may notice, the picture of the car is displayed as an overlay with a black translucent background and a ‘X’ button at the right top right corner.

As for your question, it works on all the uploaded images.

So all the images on the home page? They don’t have lins around them, though …

When i say all the images, i mean all the images uploaded along with a post. Say for example, i am writing about a new motorcycle and in that post i upload 10 pictures. When clicked, all those images will appear in that overlay which is called the LIGHTBOX, and the user is able to scroll through them in that very overlay without deviating from the actual post.

Like in this post?

Yes Ralph, like that post. Please don’t misunderstand but the post you dropped the link of, only contains a couple of images but it does not explain the lightbox feature. Actually the images in the post you shared are not clickable. I will share some more pictures to explain the lightbox feature:

This is a normal article with two images in the middle of the screen -

This is the screen i get when i click on any of the images -
See the last image and you will understand the feature. The black overlay on the actual article with the image you clicked on, in the middle.