Lexical error at line 96, column 71. Encountered: "?" (63), after : ""


* html #content
	w\\idth: expression(document.documentElement.clientWidth < 760 ? "760px" : "auto");

is not getting validated. Any workaround? What you guys do here? I have learned using conditonal statement in CSS from themaninblue’s website, coauthor of ‘arts and science of CSS’.

That’s because that’s IE’s disgusting method of putting javascript into CSS and so obviously it isn’t going to validate since it is not part of any spec and is thus invalid CSS.

The workaround is to simply place that in an external javascript file, where it belongs. If you need it to be applied to IE only, put conditional comments around the relevant script element or in the JS file use conditional compilation. Remember to make it target IE versions below 7, since IE7 now supports min-width.

Ah, OK, that’s the thing. Thanks Raffles. :slight_smile: