Lens adapter does macro only?

I picked up a an adapter on ebay for Canon FD lenses to EF mount bodies.
I was told to get an adapter with no glass as the ones with glass often crop the shot (so i was told).
From what i can tell this “lens adapter” i bought makes all my lenses macro-only. The longer the lens, the longer focal length it has but even my 200 wont focus beyond 10 feet or so.

Am i doing something wrong?

here is a link to the exact thing i bought:

In the part description "IT IS SPECIALLY FOR MACRO SHOT ONLY! "

Looks like you may have needed the lens version after all.

I have a set of macro tubes and they are just empty tubes that go between the lens and camera body and I suppose the item you have brought is the same thing.

An old artical I found via my mate Google: Canon FD to EOS lens adapters

Yeah i either missed that or the description when i originally bough it (several months ago) did not include that. probably the former.
And thanks for the article. thats very helpful.

All is not lost as you can do some macro photography which is interesting.

Unserstood, but i still feel it was a waste of money as i already have a good macro lens for my AE-1, i didnt really want macro for the Rebel 2000 but i can see the interesting possibilities with a wide angle super macro… :smiley: