Leave Accessibility to the Experts: a blogpost by WebAxe (Dennis Lembree)

Dennis Lembree wrote a post with a somewhat inflammatory title.

The comments are interesting, mostly recoiling at the title and the idea it represents.

One suggestion in the comments is that the people with more accessibility knowledge post articles on non-accessibility-related web design/developer sites, such as ALA.

Maybe SitePoint? It’s had a few scattered about over the years. An article by Steve Faulkner or maybe Pratik Patel would be cool.

As a developer, how have you dealt with learning about and implementing accessibility into your work? Could you?

That is OK in theory, but part of the problem is that those generalist websites rarely, if ever, ask accessibility developers for articles. Nor are they approachable with suggestions, I think. And even if some of their writers might be open-minded to accessibility, I think that they may well be discouraged by the negative attitude from their readership that often occurs when such articles are published in the generalist or designer-orientated arena. They tend to fail to promote the message that accessibility and design do not need to be at odds. I really would like to see more coverage, and I wrote as much yesterday in response to all this hoohah; but it needs to be better quality, published regularly rather than very occasionally, and better received by the audience.