Learning .Net/Java Course


I am not sure if I am posting in right group or even asking the right question. I want to learn .net and java. because of how I am wired to learn, I am looking for some classroom style setting to begin with. After that, I can take it from there.

To that end, I am looking for some sites where I can learn (I don’t think sitepoint has courses for these or maybe I didn’t search right).

So far, I have seen codeacademy, udemy etc. But I am so confused by all this; not only the site but which course to begin with .

I found something like https://www.udemy[dot]com/advance-java-programming/ but want to check if anyone has experience with these sites before starting.

Can you please suggest?

I’ll admit I am newbie to this (not programming in general) so might be thinking about it all wrong. So I welcome all suggestions.


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