Learnable.com: Free Training for Australian Students

Every student should have the opportunity to learn to code.

We’re starting with Australia.

To invest in the skills students need to build our digital future, we are giving away $10 million of online training to Australian students. 10,000 students will have the opportunity to learn web design and development, free through learnable.com.

What Will Students Learn?
Learn to code, build a mobile app or design the next big thing.

Students, get started… Create your free account here.

Damn, a whole new wave of anklebiters who’ll be better at coding than me. :smiley:

But this sounds like a great initiative, HAWK. Good luck with it!

Incredible work, do open correspondence universities apply?

As long as you have student ID that you can scan and upload then you qualify. :slight_smile:

Sounds great, however what if you do not have an edu.au address?

Reason I ask is that I am studying through Open Universities Australia, you do not get an email address setup as @open.edu.au. I believe I do have a Curtin and/or Murdoch email. However with Open University and similar online correspondence Universities you select units from different providers. Is this an issue?

Your email address doesn’t matter at all. If you have an edu.au one you automatically get signed up. If you have a different email address you’ll just need to upload an image of your student ID.

Excellent, thanks!

Well this is annoying, my ID card ran out in March and they haven’t issued me a new one as yet. I assume I don’t qualify?

How about a regular US School? I think I need to move to Australia…

Or learn to speak with that accent that is distinctive to Australia !!!

Flick an email through to support@learnable.com and I’m sure they’ll be able to help you out. :slight_smile:

For now the initiative is for Australian schools only. :frowning:

Just signed up! Awesome!

There’s another awesome one called coursera.org

I just signed up for

This is really awesome for all beginner and poor students. They really need this kind of help and if you may provide such kind of education help than they will reach at high level with their hard work. In India many students are brilliant but they left education because of money problem. I suggest you that please start this kind of activity in Asian countries.