Learn Angular 5 course- where are 'sandbox' files?

A few minutes in to the ‘LEARN ANGULAR 5’ course Ben opens ‘sandbox’ folder and begins editing these files.

As far as I can see this is the first course and there’s no mention of sandbox to this point and no indication where these files are.

Can someone advise please?

Many thanks!

Hi david_ashcroft15 welcome to the forum

Maybe you’re referring to lesson 1 step 1 about 7 minutes in? i.e.

If so, a few seconds later it says “a default CLI project”. The CLI is introduced in lesson 1 step 4

It is one of those “once you know, you know” things - something so routine it can be taken for granted by an experienced developer, yet can be very confusing to a beginner when it’s assumed everyone will “know” and they don’t.

I have trouble with video lessons so I may be offering poor advice, but I think if you “watch” the intro steps without worrying about the details too much the blanks will fill in later.

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