LazyLoad and validator issues

I enabled LazyLoad with the WP Rocket plugin.
There were errors in the validator.
I contacted the plugin support, they said that the errors are not critical.
Is there a way to remove these errors?

Screenshot of validator results:

I’m fairly certain that if you get rid of the errors the plugin won’t work anymore. The whole premise of the plugin appears to be that the current script type isn’t recognized by browsers so the plugin can defer running it by swapping the type at the right moment.
if you set the type correct from the start any benefit from the plugin is gone and you might as well disable it.

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you can use the following steps to remove these errors.

In the cache settings of WP Rocket

  1. Turn off the Minify CSS Files Option.
  2. Turn off the Defer Javascript Option.

I was facing the same issues on my site but then I turned off these options. These might boost up your site’s speed but they will also break apart your site’s structure.


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