Layout broken

hi, i am working of this site, and the right side google adsense was displaying next to header but after i added a new div around access div named outerax. the adsense has fallen down, i changed the tags they r propeply closed. what could be the reason?

You had to have done something else other than that :). I remove the outerax element in the HTML and it still is messed up ;). The problem is that hte adsense div isn’t floated at all, and it’s contained outside of #masthead so there’s no way it can be on the same line. Float the .rightsense element along with #masthead. Now you need to adjust your widths. It’s too wide. Change #outerax to 580px width instead of 800.

You should realize you’re coding a site that’s way too wide (along with multiple other issues which we’ve mentioned to you 10 times already) :).

But if you float both the elements I said, along with the width change, it’ll line up.

Thanks Ryan, well about the layout problem. what you say about the layout of twentyten theme for WordPress. is it crazy too, the structure?

The structure along with how you decide to position everything on the page.

You have some position:fixed elements that just overlap everything on the page upon scroll and it is an eyesore to be honest. But we’ve mentioned all these issues multiple times. It’s an extremely crazy structure.