Launch exe from hta

shell = new ActiveXObject("");"sketchup.exe");

This snippet works for winzip.exe, iexplore.exe, firefox.exe but not for googleearth, notepad++, sketchup.exe … I gave up trying to find a link for the cannot find specified file error.

Can anyone help a newcomer.


Thanks for the reply.

I just found out that this works:

shell = new ActiveXObject("");"file:///C:/Program%20Files/Google/Google%20SketchUp%207/SketchUp.exe");

but this doesn’t:

shell = new ActiveXObject("");"C:/Program%20Files/Google/Google%20SketchUp%207/SketchUp.exe");

I suppose it is because the hta is a kind of browser but that doesn’t explain why winzip and the others work … or does it?

Possibly those programs are not in the path that is being searched when you try to run programs without saying where to look for them.