Last week I was in Calvi

Just thought I would post a couple of holiday photos to brighten up the forum.

I have to put one “arty” photo in.

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Looks very nice - now I have to look up Calvi and find out where it is…

LOL I had to

My best guess is it isn’t one of the 3 Italian Calvi but

It looks like image #2 is a closer-up view of the “panorama” on the wikipedia page.

Beautiful pictures.
I’m curious, what percentage of your shots pass your critique?
My ratio is around 1 out of 40 or so if I’m lucky. Though some of mine can be improved a bit with some image tweaking / cropping etc. most seem to have some defect.

That was my guess too - just been looking at the same page.

Yes it is Calvi on Corsica and I would recommend it to anyone although it is probably to quite for the younger generation.

When we were there it was about 30C most of the time but there was a nice breeze. I was told it was the end of the summer season and that is why it was very quite and a bit cooler than July.

At a rough guess 10% although saying that like you most of the others are OK but I find faults in them. Some are just very similar to others or for instance I took quite a few of the sunset and the Citadel at night.

I also do not like to do a lot of editing.


Great pics. Love the color of the last one.
Yes this year it’s been a very hot summer, at least here in Rome, and I’m sure that goes for Corsica as well (it’s not that far away).

Thanks for the comments people; the blue rope is one of my favourites as well.
In this case I took five different shots with the shackle in different positions and that is the one I preferred. So for that photo it was one in five @Mittineague

Not so much in the UK!

I forgot to say the lighthouse sunset was taken from the small headland on the Wiki page photo you linked to @Mittineague I also have a few of the citadel at night from the same point.

That’s because you lot always want to be different! :wink:


Great pictures, as ever, @Rubble. Thanks for sharing them. I love the sunset in the third one (which looks quite a lot like headland near here) and the fourth one, with the contrast of the blues in the sea and sky against the reds of the rocks.

I was talking to a German today and he has just been home and it was 30C there last week and its not far away.

I suppose it is a feature of living on an island - not a very large land mass?

Could be. And much more to the north than Corsica and Italy of course. Although as you say, Germany isn’t far away.

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