Larger Text Size

Working on a redesign and I want the text on the page to be large but my HTML editor (HTMLKit) only goes up to 7px. When I manually type in the size of px I want, the HTML only shows up to 7px

Any ideas as how to make text larger. Preferably 10px or higher

you should perhaps try and always use % or em for your fonts and not px

i do believe it is quite frowned upon to use px values

And yet no-ones said that using PX measurements for font-size’s is an evil practice which is bad for accessibility.

That and as Ed rightly pointed out, the small font size will be almost impossible for a large percent of users. :frowning:

I just tried out your solution and you are right! “Preview” doesn’t reflect the changes but when previewed in the Browser, I get the 10px size I was looking for.

Thanks Robert, much appreciated!

I would suggest viewing the page in a web browser rather than the “preview” tab. If you have written the page correctly and set the webpage font to 10px via CSS then it should show as 10px.

If you are still having issues post the URL so we can see what you are editing.

Of course you realize that people like me cannot even read a 10pixel font size…

No problem. :cool: