Labels for login, register and CTA?

Hi there,

I’m putting together a design for my navigation which will include a call to action with a label “add a listing”.

I’m not sure whether to have a secondary CTA with both a “login/register” label on. Or if I should have a button each for “login” and “register” as well as the CTA.

If I have one for each there would be three buttons which may be too much.

Can anyone recommend the best practice for this or any ideas?


Well usually a CTA is going to get the user to do something they might have not done before. To “take action”. So I would simply have the secondary CTA be register but have a login link somewhere on the page for those people who have already registered. Logins aren’t typically a call to action because the user has done it many times before and is more routine.

It really depends what you are encouraging the user to do. In most cases you want them to register more than wanting them to login. But you are right, 3 CTAs is a bit much. “Add a listing” may also drive them to register so you could say that you don’t even need the secondary CTA… but I can see the argument for both sides.

It is really up to you and what your ultimate goal is. What do you want to happen for the user and what is more likely to get them to take action?" If I have an account already, do you really need to convince me to login? :slight_smile:

Edit: If you know your competitors, also see how they have done it.


Thanks for the reply.

That makes sense. The website will be mainly for businesses to add their business to the website, local event organisers and local users to write reviews/contact the businesses. So the main CTA would be to aimed towards businesses. I will have a look at some competitors and see what they do.

Thanks again

I suggest you have “Log In” included in the navigation bar but have a prominent button “Advertise Your Business or Event for Free” below the navigation bar. Ensure that button is visible on a small smartphone without scrolling.

I have put the following ideas together for my navigation:

The first two are possible ideas for when the user is logged out and the bottom one is when a user is logged in.

The main difference on the logged out version is the CTA text and I have added a smaller CTA on the second.

Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks :slight_smile:

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