Knockout.js question [Solved - kind of]

Hello, everyone,

I’m taking over a project that was mostly finished by a developer who has recently left for greener pastures. Although it is primarily a ColdFusion site, the issue is with the knockout.js library. At least, I’m pretty sure it is. :smile:

When I run the project on my local CF Server dev system, everything is working flawlessly.

When I push anything to the network CF Server for testing, there is ZERO data being returned. My dev CF Server is basically a mirror of the network CF Server. Both have the same DSN and access to the same database server. Using a troubleshooting method outlined here (Classic “pre” tag), my dev server is returning data and the network server is returning a complete blank - there’s not even the name being returned. Or a format. Or anything.

Please help.



Nevermind… (sigh)

I finally figured out why it wasn’t working. For some really f’ed up reason, IE10 was working in standards mode on MY dev system; but as soon as I tested it on the network, IE10 went into IE8 compatibility mode!! (WTF???)

As soon as I forced IE10 standards mode on the network server version, it is working.

[ Banging head on desk, repeatedly ]



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