Keyword Rankings is different in different search engines

Why does Google hate ‘antique tables’ keywords from and Bing love it?

All search engines review web sites differently, and they use different formulas to evaluate the relevance of a web site to particular search terms.
The major search engines also closely guard the details of their search algorithms and fine-tune them frequently to ensure their users see the results they deem most relevant — and to ensure that con artists and spammers can’t “rig” search results to their advantage by manipulating their own or others’ sites.

It is because people searches different iteams in different search engines and also different location. So these SE have different algorithem, formula also.

Because Google couldn’t really care less about keywords. Text is parsed by Google to suggest the suitability of a page towards a given search term.

Bing may pay more notice towards keywords, but ultimately they will mean very little to both search engines. The real meat of search engines is back links.

yes if you going to search your keyword in different different search engine same rank will no be show…

All search engines have different algorithms and search rate and competition is different in different Search Engines.