Keyword density for SERP?

Is Keyword density an important factor for SERP ?

Yes Keyword density is an important factor for SERP. The standard keyword density should be between 3% to 5%. If you increase more than 5% you run the risk of having your page rejected by the search engines as you’re essentially spamming your keyword to the engine.

Hey friend, keyword density between 2% - 5% is fruitful. Don’t stuff keywords in content and use variation in keywords.
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No Keyword density is not an important factor. Anyone who would say so is a fool.
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So keyword density is not at all a factor ?

[FONT=verdana]The density doesn’t matter. What matters is that you use keywords in a way that makes most sense for search engines and site visitors. Obviously, the keywords have to be present within the text, but they shouldn’t be constantly repeated in an unnatural way. Just focus on writing the best text you can on the subject in question, and don’t waste time counting the number of occurrences or calculating some artificial ratio.


Keyword Density is not at all a factor for SERPs. And there is also no ideal percentage mark for keyword density. You should keep on working to improvise your placement of keywords. But it doesn’t mean that you can stuff your keywords all over the content. Keep your eyes on Keyword Proximity and work out on it.