Keyframes z-index issue


I was playing with keyframes and an issue has occured. When I click the dropdown menu, it stays behind the next image.

How can I fix it and what’s causing this behaviour?


Basically, your .contain{} elements need z-index / position:relative; set. Also, you don’t need clearing elements. I cleaned up your c ode and fixed your issue. Are you only going to have 3 of these gallery/dropdown combos?

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No, there can be more than three images.

Edit : I solved it using jQuery. :smile:

    var contain = $('.contain');{
        var topZ = 0;
            var thisZ = parseInt($(this).css('z-index'), 10);
            if (thisZ > topZ){
                topZ = thisZ;
        $(this).css('z-index', topZ+1);

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