Keeping Session SubDomains

I’m having trouble trying to keep session open in subdomains…

every place i read keeps saying
ini_set(‘session.cookie_domain’, ‘’);

but this isn’t working for me. has anyone bumped into this issue? is there something else i’m missing? this is a domain i created on my server completely fresh, standard php.ini configs

session works fine until i go to sub domain.

I have no experience in this realm but applied a bit of “web scouring” (the next step up from a simple web search!) and
I found, in this discussion, a reference to [URL=“”]this call in place of the ini_set.

Perhaps this will be helpful to you.

I’m currently using

<? session_set_cookie_params(3600, '/', '');

Everytime i set a session in the root … then go to subdomain it resets. seems like the subdomain and the root are over writing each other. i figured it could be a server side config.

Yes, it could be a server configuration. Also, as I read something related to the path where the subdomain files exist. It seemed a bit weird to me but, IIRC, it works when the subdomain files are a child of the domain. Like this


and not like this