Keeping header from SMF theme

can i keep the header from Here, use it in a sub domain lets say and have a wordpress or article management system running under that head. is it possible with EZportal?

You can style a header any way you like … bu this sounds like more of a CMS issue, unless I’m missing something.

The header on that includes elements from the SMF theme i used. Thw whole geader is SMF styled with a theme i downloaded

I was basicaly asking if i could disregard under the main header, place that in a sepeate file with a wordpress or article management embeded underneath as the content. To give the whole site the samenheader and meny bar but allow content underneath.

Could u search theme for relevent code and paste into a new document with the wordpress/article managent underneath or would u have to go about it a diffo way

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You can strip out parts of your pages and "include’ them on a page from one source, if you wish. You normally do this with something like PHP. This all sounds like a CMS issue, though, so I’ll move this thread to the CMS forum. “SMF” means nothing in the world of CSS. :slight_smile:

SMF is the form software used.

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