Keep Mega Menu height Responsive for 40% all the time

this site was a real pain, everything they asked for was a challenge to get it work, now they need mega menu to be exactly 40% on any screens, what is the best way and maybe fastest way to achieve that?

site URL:


Welcome to SitePoint.

Which is the mega menu? I’m afraid I don’t speak ?Persian.

When they say 40% I presume they they mean height?

That is the opposite of responsive, of course. Should be very easy to do.

We will need to see your CSS and HTML.

But it could be as simple as

height: 40vh;

Of course it is not a sensible design, but they are paying the bills, I guess.

Just looked at the code and I see it is WordPress - sorry - I don’t know about WP.

WordPress still spits out HTML, which is still styled using CSS, so your solution will work just fine :slightly_smiling_face:

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