Just thought this was interesting: story of an older adult learning Braille

Learning Braille as a Mature Adult by Mike Jolls.

Brialle literacy is generally pretty low in the blind and low-vision population (somewhere I recently read it was about 20%), and I had always heard learning Braille as an adult is difficult and tedious. This guy’s story was a nice read: the way Braille improved his life and work is amazing.

And yeah, awesome: he can read in the dark. Lawlz, that’s cool.

I didn’t read the story, however I have 7 years experience creating Braille. People equivelate learning Braille roughly to learning Chinese. There are three character sets in Braille, which makes it difficult. I would say Braille literacy is low becaise the lack of being able to be trained. Here in the US we have FAPE, Free [and] Appropriate Public Education under Section 504 under the Rehab Act of (I believe) 1974. This allowed kids with disabilities to go to public schools. However, the schools don’t really have funding for a Braille trainer - some districts share one. This leads to either kids going to public school and not learning Braille, or going to a school for the blind. Parents and sometimes the students have to make that decision. Some schools have tiution, which can be a big factor.