Just out of curiosity: web worker question

Hello, everyone,

Just a curious question about web workers.

How much data can be passed to a web worker, and vice-versa? Is there a limit to, say, how much JSON can be passed back and forth?



As the data tend to be passed as POST data, the only limit is what the server allows. The default for php servers is 8 megabytes, but it can be put up to greater, such as to 20 megabytes.

Edit your .htaccess file

#set max post size
php_value post_max_size 20M

Hello, paul_wilkins,

Thank you for responding. I’m not working in a PHP environment, but I’ll ask our SA about what the web servers allow, here. I don’t currently have any projects that will require that much data, but a co-worker has developed (and is maintaining) a project that uses huge amounts of data for crunching, and we figured it would probably be best to let the client system do that instead of taking up resources of the web/CF server. But we don’t know what limitations on data passed would be.



As it turns out, MOST web servers don’t place a limit on post data. Not even Apache. However, PHP does put a limit on post data (which, as you’ve already stated, can be adjusted.)

CF Server, as it turns out, does have a limit (regardless of what web server it’s using) that is defined by the Java Heap. In CFAdmin, you can adjust the min and max java heap size (1024 = 1Gig) to whatever you require.

This is different from CF “Post Limit” which is a limiter on the number of form fields that can be submit in a single post (in CF10 this is default 100).