Just for fun

Not really accessibility, or web accessibility, just a comic I found and thought was pretty good.


It’s… about that Deaf guy. Reasonably well-made.

That’s pretty funny. I wanted to add it to my comic reader on my phone but it’s not in there. =(

I’ll just have to remember.

It’s actually kind of interesting how they differentiate between signing and talking.

Do you happen to know if the author is deaf?

Answering my own question: He is.

They. Most of the comics are by two people. And by the way the other characters in the comic act and speak, the guy’s Deaf with the big D.

Yeah. I read through the whole thing. Kind of short, but quite funny (and a bit enlightening for those of us lucky enough to have never dealt with being deaf).

Indeed funny, and very interesting too. Thanks

Very funny and humorous.I have bookmarked it on my phone and will keep visiting to amuse myself

Hey it is quiet interesting and funny…very nice to read…short and sweet!! would like to ad to my collection…anyways thanks for the share:)

Thanks for sharing Stomme poes! This is actually my first time to read this kind of comic. :slight_smile:

Nice one. hehehehehe… Thanks!