Just cant see how to edit the content

HI Guys,

Ive got ftp access to this site http://www.yorkhospitality.co.uk All i wanted to do was to edit contnet on the home page but when i popped the index file open (home pgae) in Dreamweaver theres a grey box and no means of me being able to edit the home page.

Below illustrates my pain:

Can anyone give me any clue as to where i can edit the content of the home page? I’m used to html files etc I just cant make sense of where to edit the words on the home page :frowning:

Will check this thread for any replies tomorrow morning, need to go home this has baked my noodle :frowning:

It looks like it is an html file you are looking at.
What happens if you open it in an ordinary text editor?
If it’s html, it is what it is and should be editable in any editor. :confused:

The fact that the URLs are like showPage.asp?PageID=6 suggests the site was created using some kind of CMS. I take it you don’t have access to any of that?

I didn’t check the site, I was going by the filename in the DW tab which has an .html extension. But looking at the site, the pages do have an .asp extension.
It does look like a CMS site, going on the look of it more than the extensions.

It looks to me as though that area is a dreamweaver template and you probably should be looking for a template file called left column or something similar.

I haven’t used dw’s templates for about ten years and they were a real pain then also:)

Hi just got ftp access thinking if i connected it to Dreamwraver i’d be able to edit the home page but i just cant see how :frowning:

Hi, i’ll check tomorrow. Just for info i just connected it to Dreamweaver i have no idea what it was originally built in :frowning:

If it’s .asp then there is likely some back-end stuff going on rather than just straight html. The url variables that @Gandalf pointed out seem to suggest this and possibly there are databases involved somewhere.

Ah ok, I expect as the others have said its built in ASp as there seem to be asp template tags in the html.

<!-- /Default.asp-->

You should probably be looking for the template files to edit,

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Hi P, if you get a chance to answer this id be eternally grateful. We (my company) needs to find a develope who can fix some problems with the site. Do we need to find an asp developer, really keen to find the right bod and not waste time talking to wordpress developers for example (nothing against wordpress dev just want to talk to the right people)


Yes it seems the site was written in ASP so an ASP developer would be best.

However, that site looks pretty ancient and does not work on mobile or smaller screens so would be a perfect opportunity for a complete re-design to bring it up to date. I would imagine that these days more people would access a site like that on their phone rather than a computer.

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