Just cant get graphics to sit where I want!

Hi from pitch black freezing York UK,

Ok on this page http://www.makeityork.com/partnership-opportunities/sponsors/ and illustrated here https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-mDEggJbqxPT1JoQVEwUnpLMFk/view?usp=sharing I just cant get the sqaure graphics to sit up on the same row.

It a wordpress site for what its worth but my question is pplease, “How (I have HTML access) can I get (Ive tried all sorts) all the square graphics under section 2016 Tourism Award Category Sponsors sit in rows without breaking the flow”

So frustrated, been bashing at the HTML code section with zero success :frowning:

Thanks in advance,

The problem isn’t that those four boxes are too low, the problem is the the first two orange “Booker” boxes should be at the beginning of their row, not at the end, but they are snagging on the row above.

In the row above, the last two boxes are shorter than the first four, so when you use float, the two orange boxes move up to fill the gap and have no room to move to the left.

One solution would be to make sure all the boxes are of the same height. Don’t fiddle with the html, fix this with the css.

BTW, you have two closing </p> tags on that page that have no matching opening <p> tags. Try validating your html first.

You didn’t mention it’s also Bootstrap. :grimacing:
Which means it’s using floats :cold_sweat:

Cards are so easy with flex or in-line-blocks.

Thank you time to beat to death the person who uploaded different image sizes :wink:

Since they are all in squares, it should be OK to constrain the size via css.

But its wordpress i just dont have that control, i’m still struggling with this :frowning:

So you can edit html, but not css? :open_mouth:

Yes Sam it a bloody wordpress site bag of sh@t!

Do you not have access to the dashboard where you can edit the files?

Thankyou guys ive fixed it, a bit of rogue code! I really dont like wordpress!

You should definitely have access to custom CSS in Wordpress. Any parent or child theme has a root CSS file to work from. And even if somehow this is blocked from you, you can install a plugin that also provides an area to include custom CSS.
And if even that doesn’t work, you can upload a custom CSS file yourself and enqueue it from the functions.php file.
And as a last resort, you may even be able to put a block in the HTML of the actual page, inline.
And as another last resort, you could edit the header file to include a link to an uploaded CSS file.

Lots of ways to have some custom CSS in WP.

But for the record, I dislike WP too.


Thank you zack 1 :slight_smile:

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