Just a silly idea about lipsum

I know lipsum is a totally random ‘language’ with which we used to express text examples.
What if there was a translator for it?
I know it will never happen and as well it defeats the purpose.
However, pondering the idea sounds fun.

I noticed through the HTML 5 Herald there were a bunch of lipsum words that reoccurred through out the page. Naturally some of these were copy pasted in recurrently to save time. It just got me thinking ‘What if this was or could be some kind of wonky language.’ Like an inside cypher for web devs.

Anywho. Happy new year. Thanks for indulging my blasphemy!

Not totally random. Originally, it’s a direct quote (with bits randomly left out) of a Latin text by Cicero. So many of the individual bits do have meaning, but overall it’s gibberish, because of the left out bits.

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