Anyone follow jsmag or have a subscription?

I’m curious, considering I have yet to hear about. So I figure it isn’t all that great or just hasn’t been marketed well enough. Searching yields very little information about the quality, originality and practicality of content. thoughts?

What? I have to buy it? Oh nuts.

Personally I find that feeds such as http://twitter.com/#!/javascript_news provide much more info, and in a timely manner too.

No one else?

One author in particular is an outstanding developer (Stoyan Stefanov).
You could purchase a PDF to view the quality of the content. It looks like an interesting read, albeit 53.88$ is a little steep. I usually stick to blogs, e.g:

I actually purchased the most recent issue and have read most of the beginning articles. Just wondering if anyone else has a more in-depth opinion beyond the single interaction I have had with the content. That is all.

It doesn’t seem so here.

If you don’t mind me asking, what was your impression of the purchased issue?
And will you be contemplating purchasing further ones?