Does anyone know if there is a compatibility issue with JSLint and JQUERY?

There shouldn’t be.


Well basically when I use JSlint on JS fiddle, it says your code is valid but if I put the same piece of sample JQuery into JSLint.com it brings up errors like:


Problem at line 1 character 14: ‘$’ was used before it was defined.

There is a section of the jslint.com page at the bottom where you can put in variables that you expect to be predefined.

Ah ok I will examine it closer, I couldn’t see the $ variable. It seems like a very useful validation tool, do you use it much?

It’s a very useful learning tool. I used to use it more than I do so now. It’s still good to pass some code through it now and then though just to ensure that my understanding of code techniques is still up to snuff.