Jscrollpane (div) and full background image website

Hello everybody !

Sorry for my english (I’m french).

I need to create a website for a photographer. He wants a full background image website like this: http://www.claytonbozard.com and I want to customize the horizontal scrollbar. I use Jscrollpane http://jscrollpane.kelvinluck.com/ but I have some problems…

I installed the various files and set the size of my container in my CSS.
My problems:

  • Firefox and IE display both scrollbars and don’t respect the height 100% for my images (the landscapes are very small portraits and too large)
  • Chrome only displays the vertical scrollbar

My container has a section PHP application which fetches the images in a directory, here’s CSS:

section {
   width: 100%;
   height: 100%;
   white-space: nowrap;
   position: absolute;
   overflow: auto;
   overflow-y: hidden;

section img  {
   height: 100%;

Thanks for your answers !