Js.Video problem help

Any good advice or suggestions how can I build this thing like a js.Video? Articles might do.

How to code the play video button,CSS.

Like a dummy play video button.


Url Link: Kangi Site

Hi there graphicNerd,

check out the attachment, it may suit your requirements. :sunglasses:

play-button.zip (766.4 KB)


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Why does my Signup button pops up right away every time I visit the page or refresh it.

Url Link: Kangi Site

It doesn’t look like you are hiding it to start with.

You could just set it to display:none.


#loginBox {display:none}

Usually though when you hide and show things with js you would want to use js to hide it first in case js is disabled and the the element is still usable because it will be visible. I don’t think it really matters here though because the page isn’t usable if the element is visible. What should happen is that if js is off then the sign up link should take you to a sign up page instead.

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