.js versus .src.js


I downloaded curvycorners and received 2 scripts. One ***.js and the other ***.src.js

What’s the difference, please?

Thank you

Did you open them in a text editor and take a look?

No. Scripts are all Chinese to me. What I need to know is whether I should place them both in the html or just the .js

PS - Well I did now, src.js has an intro followed by code: .js is all code. Still Chinese…

I don’t know curvycorners. Could you provide a link to this script?




I downloaded 2.1 stable, and am using the .js. It works fine, I think… bur would like to know what the src.js is and is supposed to do

Oh okay, now I see. The .js-file is a so-called minified file (whole code in one line, without line-breaks) whereas the src.js-file is the source in an readable version. The content of the two files are nearly identical (except the comments).

Unfortunately I cant upload a screenshot because I’m a new user.

Here is a link: http://i60.tinypic.com/2nm2hrq.png

Thank you Frontendguru

I got it, now. So, I’ll keep the .js in the file and forget about the other.


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