Js testing using selenium

I would like to look at doing some testing and ive found far too many different ways of doing this but with very limited tutorials to help get things set up.
i’d like to be able to do some testing that can test cross browser and actually run the tests visually in the browser take screenshots etc if there is an error.
Is Selenium the best for this? are there any other scripts i should have a look at? if i were to use Selenium what test suite should i look to use it with? I have seen Mocha is this good for this? Any help would be much appreciated.


Saucelabs provides automated online testing with screenshots, which can be worthwhile to chcek out too.

Use the test suite that you are most comfortable with. I for example am getting to grips with Intern. Would I spend time with some other suite? Sure - but not until after I’ve had plenty of experience with this current one.

Yes, Mocha is very good too. Here’s a good article on Getting Started With Mocha and Chai

thanks ive not used any yet ill have a look at intern and Mocha thanks for the link :slight_smile: Have you used Selenium purely using js?

OK Intern looks good as it has out of the box selenium support. I al using a restricted computer so i can’t simply use npm to install everything. What and where should i put the downlaod for Intern and are there any dependancies it would download if i had npm running? I do have not but only running local files.

There’s a pretty good getting-started tutorial over at https://github.com/bitpshr/intern-tutorial

excellent thanks that is a good starting point

I also explored automated testing yesterday, where saving a file triggers the test suite, with varied results due to issues with win32console. So you may be interested in my post about automated testing and fixing win32console