Jquey FF Issue - works perfect in IE -- please help


I’m working on a new site which has a main advert rotator, latest offer scroller (both using cycle) and toggle effect for additional search options - in firefox I have managed to get the latest offer rotator to work on a page alone but when I combine it with the other jquery scripts it then fails to work in Firefox, but does in IE. Is there something that is a known FF issue when running more than one script? The timeout works fine in ff but the pause, prev next doesn’t work and neither does the toggle containers for the forms. The page validates. Sorry the code is v. long but I can’t seem to isolate the error. Any help/point in the right direction would be great. I have attached the files to this message in a zip.

Best wishes

Try testing with only text links for prev/pause/next - then when that works you can use image links instead.