Jquery Zoom Map Issue


I’m using the jQuery Zoom Map plugin and am trying to do add rollovers to my map so when you rollover a country it highlights it by changing the background image. Not seeming to work at all and nothing helpful in the debug mode as well. Any help? All images and rollovers work as they did before I added in the plugin.


//Zoomable Hovers
	$('#oMap #scotland').hover(function(){$("#oMap").css("background", "url(/w/images/map/scotland.jpg)");});	
/* ZoomMap Plugin */
		// Width and Height of the Map
		width: '384px',
		height: '506px',
		//Misc Settings
		blankImage: '/w/images/map/blank.gif',
		zoomDuration: 1000,
		bulletWidthOffset: '10px',
		bulletHeightOffset: '10px',
		//ids and classes
		zoomClass: 'zoomable',
		popupSelector: 'div.popup',
		popupCloseSelector: 'a.close',
		//Return to Parent Map Link
		showReturnLink: true,
		returnId: 'returnlink',
		returnText: 'return to campus map',
		//Initial Region to be shown
		map: {
			id: 'uk'
			maps: [
				id: 'scotland',
				parent: 'uk',
				image: '/w/images/map/scotland.jpg',
				data: '#',
				width: '100px',
				height: '220px',
				top: '150px',
				left: '7px'
				/* More maps can be nested
				maps : [ ]