Jquery - which accordion


Not proficient at all in jquery or javascript or web coding at all for that matter anymore, just so you have an idea of my skill level.

Anyway, I’m guessing this is fairly simple to answer. I already have the basic jquery attached to the page for another plugin so I’d like to use jquery as the library. I have a simple unordered list navigation, and I’d like to make a couple of the menu options expandable.

It’s a vertical navigation and I want the options to appear below the link and all other expanded areas to vanish as I don’t have enough room to let them all run open. I’d also like to be able to set one as active (this is what I’m struggling to find in existing plugins, they all seem to only let the first one lie active which is no help to me).

An accordion plugin seems to fit the needs of only wanting one open at any time but which one should I use, as said I can’t find one which allows me to set a part of the accordion as active on certain pages.




Any ideas?

The standard jQuery accordion has an active property that allows you to specify which part of the accordion is shown.